About Nyxen

Since her debut to the music world in 2015, Nyxen has explored a myriad of sounds all to which she stamps her unique ring of moody, electric and synthetic tracks. Highlighting Nyxen’s early club inspired sound are the smash tracks ‘In The City’ & ‘Running’. This sound is what put Nyxen on the map with over 36 million Spotify streams to date + heavy rotations on Triple J.

Following her live debut in 2017 at ‘Field Day’,  Nyxen has been killing it across the country having played her first ever National (SOLD OUT) Tour + supporting some huge names in 2019 including Crooked Colours and Golden Features.

There is a consistency to the musical ideas of Nyxen with heavy influences being taken from music greats of the 80’s including New Order and the Pixies. The way in which Nyxen moulds unique and challenging soundscapes together allows for complicated concepts to show through. Her track ‘Insomnia’ is the first attempt at a moody retro futuristic concept.

Nyxen has proved time and time again that she won’t be classified into one single genre. Instead opting for an expressionist approach to music based on her current experiences. On the verge of her new EP release we can’t wait to see what Nyxen has in store for us this time.


Tank Top is an Independent Australian Record Label founded in 2020 by Nyxen and Unknown Records.

Conceived out of a mutual goal to provide a platform for emerging artists, Tank Top has a full circle approach to releasing music. Tank Top are an Artist focussed label, with a mission to give artists the tools and resources to fulfil their creative vision and goals from the studio to the stage.

Unlike their club-centric sibling, Tank Top will be focussing on music in the spaces between genres, with crossovers more prevalent than ever, Tank Top refuse to be pigeon holed to a certain sound and aim to create a community and home base for music lovers of all kinds.

Still in its infancy, Tank Top has assembled a stellar roster of emerging artists with Austen, Champion the Boy and newcomers Satin Cali all gearing up for releases in 2020!

Tank Top will be launching in September with the latest single from Nyxen’s debut album.